Tis the Season of Tallahassee Christmas Light Installations

Elevate Your Christmas with our Illuminating Creations!

At Around The Bend Lights, our mission is simple yet impactful: to infuse joy into your holiday season by making the decorating process exciting, effortless, and enchanting for every customer. Through our innovative design and quoting software, we ensure a seamless and quick start to your custom Christmas light design, guaranteeing mesmerizing displays that will captivate you and your neighbors alike. Our dedicated team goes above and beyond, tailoring each installation to meet your specific needs, transforming your vision into a dazzling reality.

Our Services

Custom Design

Our custom design service allows you to make your holiday display truly unique. We will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind lighting plan tailored to your exact specifications. We will make sure your display is the envy of the neighborhood.

Professional Installation

Our Professional Installation service offers an easy and hassle-free way to decorate your home with Christmas lights. We'll take care of the installation for you, so you can enjoy the festive spirit without any of the hard work. We will make sure your lights look perfect.

Continuous Maintenance Care

Our Continuous Maintenance Care service ensures that your Christmas lights installation is always looking its best. We provide regular maintenance and repair services to ensure your lights stay up and running all season long. We also offer emergency repair services for those unexpected failures.

Taking down and Securing the Lights for Safekeeping

Our team of experienced professionals can take down and secure your Christmas lights for safekeeping. We work quickly and diligently to ensure your lights are safely packed away for the season.

What Makes Us Different

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Christmas Lights Frequently Asked Questions

What Areas Do You Serve for Christmas Light Installation?

We service Tallahassee, FL neighborhoods and the surrounding areas within 60 miles. Some of these areas include Buckhead, Rosehill, Magnolia Hills, Woodland Hills, Bobbin Brook, Surrey Farms, Ox Bottom, Summerbrooke, Millstone Plantation, Golden Eagle, McBride Hills – Lake McBride, Oak Grove Plantation, Centerville Conservation, Pointe North, Pointe East.

We believe in delivering the best possible quality and appearance for your Christmas light display, and to achieve that, we provide the lights for all of our installation projects. Utilizing the highest professional-grade quality lights ensures not only a stunning visual experience but also durability and safety.


Every job we undertake is unique, and the lights need to be custom-fitted to the specific architecture and design of your property. Unfortunately, this means that lights from Big Box Stores cannot be used in our installations. These lights often don’t meet our stringent quality standards, and the one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t align with our commitment to tailored, individualized service.


By providing the lights ourselves, we can guarantee a seamless, aesthetically pleasing result that’s custom-designed for your home or business. Our expert team takes the time to understand your specific needs and desires and crafts a lighting design that enhances the beauty of your property during the holiday season.

The cost of Christmas Light Installation can vary widely depending on several factors including the linear footage of lights required, the estimated time to install, and the difficulty of the installation. Because every project is unique, we provide custom quotes to ensure that you receive a tailored solution that fits your specific needs and property.


Most of our installation packages start at $700, and the average project budget is around $1700. It’s important to note that these figures are general guidelines, and the actual cost may vary based on the specific requirements of your project.


We encourage you to contact us for a personalized quote, where we can discuss the details of your property and design preferences. Our team is committed to providing transparent pricing and working closely with you to create a beautiful and festive lighting display that aligns with your budget.

We understand that issues can sometimes arise after installation, and we’re committed to ensuring your satisfaction throughout the holiday season. If you encounter any problems with the lights after installation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Our team of professional technicians is trained to handle various lighting issues and will respond promptly to assess and fix the problem. Whether it’s a single bulb that has gone out or a more complex wiring issue, we’ll work diligently to restore your display to its full brilliance.


Your satisfaction is our priority, and our service doesn’t end once the lights are up. We stand behind our work, and our after-installation support is designed to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that we’re here to assist you if any issues arise. Rest assured, your festive display is in good hands with our experienced and dedicated team.

We begin our Christmas light installation process the first full week of October. Since the holiday season is a busy time for us, and our schedule fills up quickly, we strongly encourage you to book your installation as early as possible. Early scheduling ensures that you can secure a convenient time slot and have your lights ready to shine throughout the holiday season.


As for taking the lights down, we start this process the first full week after New Year’s Day. We understand that every customer’s needs may vary, so we can typically accommodate requests to take down the lights either earlier or later in the take-down season. Just let us know your preferences, and we will do our best to align our services with your schedule.


Whether it’s your first time working with us or you’re a returning client, we aim to provide flexible and efficient services that cater to your individual needs. If you have any specific requests or questions about scheduling, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us

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